Cups in the office and at home are an ideal breeding ground for various micro-organisms. Food leftovers (particularly milk and juices), moisture and room temperature create a food base for microbes, bacteria, molds, yeasts and fungii.

How do the micro-organisms get onto the cup?

  1. From natural flora in the mouth (most problematic at times of illness and viruses in air passages, the mouth, the teeth and digestive system).
  2. From cleaning agents, washing cloths and sponges used in washing cups manually.
  3. From touching by dirty hands (for example, using cups after visiting the bathroom).
  4. From germs found in the general office area (mostly in unventilated rooms in winter).
  5. From physical contact with hands and cups (for example by touching a sink full of dirty cups and utensils).

What kind of bacterial pollution is found on drinking cups?

Enterobacter cloacae, Enterobacter aggoerans, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Citrobacter frundii, Serratia liquefacians, Serratia macesans, and Acinetobacter caloaceticus.

From research conducted at the University of Arizona by Charles Gerba Ph.D, a microbiologist specializing in diseases caused by food, 1000 used sponges/dishrags for washing cups were collected from 1000 randomly selected houses in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston and Chicago. Effectiveness of the Freshcup system for reduction of bacteria was proven by a survey made by the department of microbiology at the university of Arizona. "The FreshCUP™ system relies on chemical sterilization... no coliforms were detected on coffee cups after cleaning with the FreshCUP™ system."

The FreshCUP™ 1.2 Biocleanser Detergent

  1. Destroys bacteria & germs while it cleans and shines
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. 100% Biodegradeable
  4. Recyclable cartridges
  5. Economical - lasting 600 to 800 washing cycles per cartridge
  6. No remaining residue
  7. Approved by Health Authorities
  8. Ongoing quality control

The secret of the micro washer is the FreshCUP™ 1.2 Detergent, a unique blend of cleaning agents developed over many years by DeeAy Technologies that allows fast and efficient washing.

The FreshCUP™ 1.2 Detergent cartridge contains two different kinds of detergent. The YELLOW detergent dissolves grease and washes away the dirt. The GREEN detergent sanitizes and polishes.

Sanitization is achieved in seconds, even at room temperature, and completely eliminates all microbial pollution found on the cup.

FreshCUP™ 1.2 Detergent contains an innovative anti-microbial additive, approved for use with food by the European Committee for Inspecting Detergent Agents in Food (Strasbourg 1987).

This additive is completely washed away from the cup during the washing process and acts against a wide spectrum of microbes, bacteria, yeast and molds - as shown in extensive laboratory tests.

FreshCUP™ handles both normal and heavy duty washing.

You just place the cups and glasses upside down on the rack, put tea-spoons in the spoon basket and press the Normal button. The partition rotates and the machine starts washing. This is the only dishwasher in the world that will wash your personal cup in seconds.

In less than a minute, everything is clean. With FreshCUP™, there's no waiting for a full load. No powders to handle. For heavily stained cups or cups left overnight, press the "Heavy" duty button.

FreshCUP™ also works in a continuous mode if you have a pile of washing to do.

Environmentally Friendly

  1. Unique formula - The special formulation of the FreshCUP™ 1.2 BIOCLEANSER Detergent gives the micro washer its unique ability to deliver really clean and sanitized cups in a matter of seconds, thereby resulting in a pleasant office environment.
  2. Lasting value - FreshCUP™ 1.2 BIOCLEANSER is very economical. One detergent cartridge will last 600 to 800 washing cycles automatic exact dosage ensures no waste.
  3. Environment safe detergent - is biodegradable and totally friendly to the environment. It has no problematic materials emptied into drains, such as phosphates and silicates. Also there is no accumulation of harmful fumes into the office atmosphere.
  4. Savings - FreshCUP™ is the best alternative to polluting and costly disposable cups. Prevents the wasting of valuable office staff and cleaning person time.
  5. Machine safe - FreshCUP™ 1.2 Detergent has no harmful materials that are usually associated with cleaning agents for dish-washers (eg. chlorine, bleaches).
  6. No fuss - FreshCUP™ uses regular tapwater without the need for salt to soften the water as in regular dishwashers.