The problem has been around for years, waiting for a smart solution. Office workers prefer to drink from ceramic, porcelain, or china cups, but don't like to wash them. Cups are either rinsed quickly (and basically stay dirty) or are left in the sink until the cleaner comes at the end of the day. Apart from the aesthetic arguments, there is also the question of office hygiene. Research has shown that the average office cup, used by several people, can carry a high number of infectious germs and contribute to the spread of disease.

All these reasons provided the justification for developing FreshCUP™, the world's first cup-washing machine designed for the office environment. It has the unique ability to clean and sanitize cups in seconds.

Clean & Sanitize

Every good fresh cup of coffee needs a fresh cup. There is no better way to clean your cups than FreshCUP!


In just 30 seconds you can have a clean and sanitized coffee cup. FreshCUP is fast, easy to use,


FreshCUP 1.2 Biocleanser Detergent is eco-friendly! It's 100% biodegradable and the cartridges are recyclable


FreshCUP™, the micro washer specially designed for offices, will clean and sanitize your cups in seconds. Look at the SIX ADVANTAGES that make FreshCUP™ special:

  • Fast Action - FreshCUP™ washes and sanitizes your cups, glasses, saucers and teaspoons in seconds - ideal when you've got no time to wait. No more full sinks. No more fuss. No more wet hands.
  • Unique Sanitizer - the heart of the FreshCUP™ system is the FreshCUP™ 1.2 unique detergent mix that sanitizes as it washes and polishes. It's bio-degradeable detergents are environment-friendly. One re-usable detergent cartridge is very cost-efficient,  lasting 600 to 800 washing cycles.
  • Compact Size - Its small dimensions makes FreshCUP™ the ideal choice for the small countertops found in most office coffee areas.
  • Easy to Use - Operating FreshCUP™ couldn’t be simpler. Just place the cups and other utensils in the dish rack and spoon basket and press a button. In seconds, everything's clean!
  • Perfect Anywhere - Because of its size and efficiency, FreshCUP™ is perfect for any location where people drink hot and cold beverages - offices, stores, bars, workshops, institutions, hotels, beauty salons, restaurants , trade show booths, etc.
  • Prevents using disposable cups - saves expenses and preserves the environment, cleaning person or office staff time.

The FreshCUP™ 1.2 BIOCLEANSER Detergent:

  • Destroys bacteria & germs while it cleans and shines
  • Environmentally friendly - 100% Biodegradeable - Recyclable cartridges
  • Economical - lasting 600 to 800 washing cycles per cartridge
  • Approved by Health Authorities

The FreshCUP™ machine:

  • Fast cycle - conveniently in 30 seconds
  • Durable & best materials and components
  • Easy to use by pressing one button
  • Easy to change cartridge - easier than changing toner
  • Safety approved, UL, TUV/GS, CE, ISI, etc.
  • Hygienic
  • Constant quality control, and R&D upgrades

The patented 1.2 FreshCUP™ BIOCLEANSER detergent is the secret to FreshCUP™'s fast 30 second cycle time and washing system. While other dishwashers dilute cleaning agents with water, FreshCUP™ sprays the undiluted full powered detergents directly onto the cups, thereby getting full cleaning, disinfecting and shining, like no other cleaning system in the market. The yellow alkali detergent cleans, while the green acidic detergent sanitizes and shines the cups, glasses and teaspoons.

Who can use FreshCUP™?

FreshCUP™ can be located in any workplace kitchenette/coffee corner serving up to 50 people that has water, drainage and electricity.

What is the difference between FreshCUP™ and the common dishwasher?
FreshCUP™ washes cups immediately as they reach the coffee break area. You don't need to collect dozens of dirty cups. FreshCUP™ gives you the freedom to wash and sanitize your personal, (or any other) cup in seconds. FreshCUP™ offers the same speed and convenience in cup washing as the microwave does for cooking.
What is the expected detergent consumption?
The detergent pack will wash up to 400 mugs or 600 espresso cups + glasses (on the normal cycle). Average consumption of hot drinks is 3-4 cups per employee per day. So detergent consumption is around 2 cartridges per month.
What is the expected water consumption?
FreshCUP™ uses less water than hand washing and a similar amount of water to what domestic dishwashers use - around 1/6th gallon (600cc) per cup.
What is the expected energy consumption?
It takes 11 watts to wash one cup.
Where can FreshCUP™ be installed?
FreshCUP can be placed on any work surface in the kitchenette or on any shelf that is at least 16" (40cm) square and can support 22 lbs (10 kilos). Water and drainage outlets should be no further than 5 feet (1.5 meters) away.